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Leviton Load Centers

with Optional Smart Circuit Breakers

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The Modern Load Center | Superior Residential Power Distribution

Since 2018, Leviton Load Centers have transformed power distribution by fusing advanced engineering with modern design. Gone are the days of bulky black boxes; today's Load Centers (breaker box, fuse box, circuit panel) offer contractors and homeowners an intuitive power system featuring enhanced safety, durable construction, and unmatched reliability.

Branch Circuit Breakers

Leviton branch circuit breakers are available in Standard, GFCI, AFCI, Dual Function, and GFPE types. All Leviton circuit breakers feature a plug-on design, reducing installation time by up to 25% and increasing productivity. Breakers simply snap in and out - no wiring to circuit breakers up to 60A for copper wire, and 50A for aluminum wire.

A My Leviton Smart Solution for Every Room in Any Home

Leviton's scalable smart home gives every homeowner access to whole-home electrification.

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Up To 25% Faster Install

Our easy all plug-on design speeds up installation, saving valuable time and increasing productivity. Breakers simply snap in and out - no wiring to circuit breakers up to 60A for copper wire, and 50A for aluminum wire.

“After the first installation, I was hooked...The Leviton Load Center saved us 3-1/2 hours of installation time!”
– Corey Prehoda, Barlow Electric
Installing a Leviton breaker
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Safer Circuit Breakers

As the leader in home electrical safety, Leviton delivers the most stringent GFCI circuit breaker protection, locking users out if ground-fault protection is lost.

A Sleeker Circuit Breaker Box

The all-white indoor circuit breaker box with optional observation window is just the beginning. Leviton AFCI, GFCI and Dual Function circuit breakers incorporate user-friendly diagnostics, such as color indicators in each rocker handle that indicate operating status, and easy-to-read LEDs that display fault type (AF/GF) when tripped.

"The first time I saw the Leviton Load Center I was amazed...I couldn’t stop looking at it."
Gianni Simone, Cerrone Builders
Indoor breaker panel

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Leviton’s electrical wiring devices are available in ARCAT’s construction specifications. These specifications are complete CSI 3-part and Canadian CSC architectural specs that can easily be downloaded, customized for your project, and included in your master spec for future use. Offering BIM objects, specifications, and the SpecWizard tool, ARCAT is your complete source for finding, selecting, detailing and specifying building projects.


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