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Installing Electric Vehicle Chargers from the Brand You Can Trust

EV Installers

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The Future is Electric… Are You Prepared?

A combination of government rebates & incentives, an increase in environmental concerns, and the increasing affordability of EVs means that demand for station installations will continue to increase. Have yet to see the demand? Make sure the property is EV-Ready, making it easy and less costly to retrofit as you have already installed proper conduit and electrical wiring. Install the brand you can trust, backed by a dedicated support and quality team.

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Improve Your Installations - Now and in the Future!

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Station Foundation 
  • Ease Installations 
    • Foundation eliminates the need to wait for concrete to cure before installing the EV charger, expediting project timelines
    • Easy maintenance, repairs, and replacements due to the foundations accessible top plate
  • Create EV-Ready Infrastructure 
    • For locations that have EV-ready or EV-capable building codes and requirements but are not presently ready for EV charging solutions, the foundation acts as a preventive measure against future infrastructure disruptions
    • Contractors simply install the foundation and transition when desired by mounting an EV charging pedestal

Why Leviton?

Leviton has been providing power solutions in homes and buildings for over a century. Trust the brand that offers EV charging & beyond.

EV Series with Cord Management Pedestal

The brand that goes beyond the charger...

At Leviton, we don’t just provide EV chargers, we provide the total EV electrical infrastructure

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